VentBOM is Software as a Service (SaaS). It is web-based and does not rely on any 3rd party software, which makes it infinitely scalable. All access to products and pricing is controlled by the manufacturers, who also have complete oversight of all activity thru our reporting system. There are no requirements for server equipment or other IT-related resources.

Design rules are tailored to your products. Pricing is always up to date. Supports a number of different applications.

Protected Price List

Price List

Do you still have your price list in an Excel sheet? As soon as you attach it to an email and hit send, it is essentially public domain. You no longer have control over where it goes. VentBOM offers a way to protect your list prices

When it is time for price updates, we make sure all users get them when you tell us to.

Schematic Budget Price Tool

2D Drawing

A tested and tried layout for budget pricing. Create a simple schematic drawing when you need a price right away.

Draw a simple schematic drawing and enter diameters, dimensions and a few other parameters. The system will then give you a reliable budget price.

3D Design, Quotation and Drawing Tool

3D Drawing

Generate budget prices, quotes or complete installation drawings with VentBOM's new 3D platform.

Our proprietary user interface can create the same results as much more expensive design software. With VentBOM's 3D platform, you pay for your organization and your entire distribution network with a single, affordable license.

Plan Drawing Import Tool

3D Formats

VentBOM's Plan Import Tool allows you to draw to scale directly on top of the plan drawing

Simply open the plan drawing, rotate as needed, scale it and crop it. The imported view will be embedded into the floor of the 3D layout.

Adapter Matrix


The VentBOM Adapter Matrix allow you to pair adapters with equipment in the Visual Vent Database.

Automate the adapter selection for users and reduce costly errors. If we are notified about changes along the way, we will let you know.

3D Model Output

3D Formats

VentBOM's new 3D platform can export to a number of 3D formats, including AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

Individual parts or the entire system can be exported. That includes appliances or other equipment added from the Visual Vent database.

BIM Export

OpenBIM Logo

Export BIM models directly from VentBOM's new 3D platform.

Our system can generate IFC files (Industry Foundation Classes) using OpenBIM technology. This includes model geometry and product data. Get Revit compatibility without the high price tag.

Individual parts or the entire system can be exported. That includes appliances or other equipment added from the Visual Vent database.

Reporting Tools


Keep your finger on the pulse with VentBOM's reporting system.

We automatically send you activity report every week. More detailed reports can be generated directly from the system as well. Direct data exchange between your system and our reports can also be setup.

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